The castle hall.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

One of my first horror focused stories. I could probably have made it a lot better. But i wanted to see if i could make it alright. Feel free to give me pointers. I can think of a few things i
could improve on but the more constructive criticism the more i'll open be able to open my eyes and improve :-)

I prefer writing Fantasy, Romance and Comedy though.

Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



Mark bellowed as the teeth of the dark creature sunk into his flesh. He reached for his hammer and promptly bashed the beasts skull. The beast had a hyena-like laughter that just kept getting louder. It's laughter would not stop, even as it's skull was being cracked open by the hammer and it's brain tissue popping out of it's skull. 

Mark kept screaming as he swung his hammer again and again...

The creature was resistant but eventually it went quiet and let go, 

it vanished into the dark and eerie hall. 

Mark kept on breathing heavily and quickly, terrified. His heart pumping faster than ever before. I have to get out of here!!! He crawled, foot after foot. His legs were rendered useless after his encounters with the spawns of evil. 

He keeps on crawling, he's trying to escape, dragging his bloodied body towards what appears to be a speck of light. An escape. A glimmer of hope gives him the will to push himself forward. I can make it...  I can make it! I'll survive! I'll get through this!

As he's getting closer to the light, the sound of footsteps echo in the hall, more loudly for every step, as the sounds grew louder, he felt an ominous aura surround him. Mark shook and his heart was at the verge of giving up. 

Mark heard a sinister laughter and as he look up, he found that the speck of light he had seen was the wide smile of the demon from the myths he had heard about the castle.

"You're safe now, my friend" The demon exclaimed as he reached towards Mark.

Marks face went pale and he trembled as he reached to grab the outstretched hand. 

The demon smiled again.

After that, Marks world turned upside down inside his mind and he could even see his own body upside down as blood spurted towards all directions.

The Laughter echoed across the hall.



Pun from the author "It was Marks first out-of-body experience" =)

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