As promised the narrative of the war in Heaven in epic form of at least ten Cantos.Using the "heroic couplet", an easy to read rhyme scheme for those not familiar with poetry or looking for an easy
read poem. A modern telling centering on the perspective of Archangel Michael and his thoughts on his favorite brother's rebellion and fall from grace. Inspired greatly by theological writings and
musings as well as the musing of occult writers from the early 1500s.

Table of Contents

Canto I

The Archangel Micheal laments on the news of his brother Lucifer's betrayal and ponders his allegiance.
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Canto II

Archangel Michael arms himself both spiritually and physically for the coming conflict against Lucifer and his angels. He knows the choices he must make so he hones himself and his blade.
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Canto III

Archangel Micheal speaks to the other angels about Lucifer's betrayal and he sounds the call to arms. The forces of heaven get ready to make war under Michael's guidance.
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Canto IV

Archangel Michael meets the forces of Lucifer and clashes against his cohort Belial in a spectacular ambush of divine proportions that shook the High Kingdom to its core.
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Canto V

Archangel Michael though victorious in the opening battle for the War In Heaven is troubled by the length of the war and this new corruption that has felled so many of his brethren. All the while
Lucifer's band of fallen are soon to march again a lot sooner than Michael anticipated.
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Canto VI

Quickly recovered Lucifer now knowing what he is up against leads his force of fallen in full against Archangel Michael in a pivotal moment for the very soul of creation itself. Michael knows what
is at stake and his trusted soldiers stand ready to ensure victory for the High Kingdom.
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Canto VII

The Final Push towards Lucifer's camp is in motion. Archangel Michael moves forward motivated by the his Lord and his brethren counting on his leadership against the fallen angels. As the
conclusion draws near Lucifer and Michael make risky gambits.
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Oh, I like this already. My previous comment for your other post was fitting, however, you are getting to the essence of portraying Archangel Michael's ultimate decision to wage a holy war within Heaven. I could imagine once he got the ordained call from God, it must have hurt to know you are superior, yet you must slew your spiritual brother. Wow, I will be following this story. Great opening thus far.

Love and Hugs,

Thu, September 13th, 2018 2:13am


Thanks for the read and following the story. I work on Canto II as I write this.

Wed, September 12th, 2018 7:14pm

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