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This is just a short story of my trip to Bali. This was during my time studying abroad in Australia. It was so different from anything I have yet to see. Aside from my current location being China.
But, because of this trip I was a little more prepared for China, than most people would be unless they frequently go to Asia.

Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



At the university I was staying at, which was in a really nice suburb of Melbourne, Australia, it was mid semester break, so it was a great opportunity for me to see more of this part of the world. After about six weeks of classes and assignments it was time for a nice week-long break. So my friends Katie, Natalie and I decided to take a trip to Bali, Indonesia because we needed some sun, warmth and most of all the beach. Unlike the United States which is hot as hell in July, Australia was cold, and windy. We were so amped to leave Sunday morning but the flight got pushed back to the evening due to volcanic activity In Bali, so we lost a day. But, we still had enough days to see the highlights we wanted to see. So we left on Air Asia flight X803 at 6:30 pm Melbourne time and arrived approximately 10:30 pm Bali time. It super humid as soon as we deplaned I felt a breeze of warm salty air brush against my skin. We figured we were just going t go with the flow for this trip be more spontaneous instead of having concrete plans. Our hostel was booked last minute a bit far away from the center of the Denpasar/Legion area. We decided to take a Taxi to our hostel because they were all over the airport and it was the easiest way to get around. Now people back at Melbourne did warn me about the street bikes in Bali but, I didnt know it was really that insane. It honestly, is like that in most of Asia. There were so many crazy people on these little  bikes some with two or three kids and their groceries. People were weaving in and out of traffic like bees. I would never want to drive in Bali, I’d lose my mind. I had never seen that before. I thought New York City streets were nuts but this takes traffic to a whole other level.

As we were driving through Kuta where our hostel was located it got darker and more sketchier because the Hostel was located on a dark side street. Finally we reached our destination, checked in and then walked upstairs to the room. It was absolutely empty and had four bunk beds. The room had a nasty musty like smell. The bathroom was really one of the worst parts because they shower was a hose intertwined in cobwebs. And there was a big black door that lead to a balcony and I refused to go out there because I had a terrible feeling someone was going to swoop out of nowhere and stab me. After a long day of traveling we needed sleep because of the long days of exploring ahead of us.

We woke up at 8 in the morning for breakfast the next day because the hostel people were awesome and provide fresh tea or coffee and free brekky, which is what they said for breakfast in the southern hemisphere. We did not want to use the showers in the hostel so we got a bunch of large water bottles and bathed using that. Bali is one of those countries where if you drank the tap water you would regret it immediately. Natalie really wanted to see what was behind the large black door. She opened it and there was a big terrace outside the room overlooking Kuta. There were mostly shacks and street dogs all over the place. I felt a bit sketched out so I walked back inside. 

We finally went downstairs for breakfast. The pancakes were on point and so were the fried noodles. We walked through the alley ways to the main street of Kuta to sign up for our first tour which was the Tanah Lot sunset tour. It wasnt until later in the day so, we had time to explore Kuta. We ventured into several shops and looked at all the merchandise. My friend Katie bought a ukelele. We walked along the sidewalk and ended up at the beach where there were boats and more vendors trying to sell henna tattoos, towels and hats etc.

This one lady vendor grabbed my arm then fondled it and told me “I seem tense I should follow her for a massage.”

I just shook my head no.  It was around lunch time so we grabbed Wendy’s because it was fast and easy. Then it was time to head back to Kuta for the sunset tour. The tour guide walked us across town to an intersection where we greeted our driver for the evening. 

We drove through the beautiful rolling hills of the rice fields, out into the country side and then arrived at Tanah Lot. The driver told us to meet back just after sunset. So we explored Tanah Lot and took some awesome pictures. After about an hour or so of exploring the palaces and rocks it was time to head back. Before going back to our room, we decided to stop for dinner. We wanted to be adventurous and try the street food I was a bit sketched out because I have heard horrible things and that they could be dangerous. But the place we tried had other people walking in and out so it had to be safe. I tried some rice, chicken and this weird looking pastry thing with ham and cheese in it. It was disgusting but everything else was good. 

The next day we got up and wanted to do the UBud tour. We had to wake up early and catch the bus to UBud…we got there and decided to go to the monkey forest first but, I hated monkeys, I still went because my friends sort of forced me too. We walked up to the ticketing area and purchased our tickets to get into the monkey forest. Luckily they took credit cards which was great because I was running low on cash.

I walked up to a vendor that was selling a bunch of bananas to give to the monkeys and I thought why not so I decided to buy some. Big mistake because, those fuckers get real when it comes to bananas. I thought it was just some gag in cartoons but it was real. I got climbed on and attacked by them. One monkey actually stole my friends draw string bag like a little thief. They are attracted to plastic or something like that so they attack you if you have plastic water bottles or sunglasses on you. It made my fear of monkeys a reality but it was still pretty cool I have to admit. After the hellhole known as the monkey forest, I decided I wanted to buy an Asian straw hat because, I’ve always wanted one. They actually are good for protecting you from the heat. I knew this because people who worked in the rice fields wore them all day. We moved on to visit some museums and temples of Ubud. The paintings were beautiful and I found this garden with big purple and pink flowers. I found a white weaved chair to sit on while my friends continuted to look around the museum. They were a little more into reading the actual texts I was more of a visual person.

The third day we went to the Uluwatu tour, which was an all day tour so again got up pretty early. This was my favorite day because I felt like I found my place in the world. I am obsessed with turtles and I can happily say, I went to Turtle Island. I usually don’t do well with boats but luckily I enjoyed the trip out there that much that I almost forgot it. The boat went out to Turtle Island which was basically, an animal sanctuary. There were birds, snakes, Bats, Iguanas and most of all TURTLES. I got to hold baby turtles and at the sametime, feed ginormous turtles. After the high point of the trip for me being Turtle Island, we had to head back to land for the firedance at Uluwatu temple. It was a tribal dance that Balinese people do at sundown wearing bright masks and beautiful elegant clothing. An awesome part of the show was the barbeque kabobs which made the experience more enjoyable. We had to cover up because it was a religious temple and most people in Indonesia were pretty conservative with covering up despite it being so hot.

The fourth and final day we went to the beach and had a nice relaxing day. My friend Katie went surfing and had a blast she was able to stand on the board after like twenty tries.  When I got back on the beach I couldn’t find my bag. I was freaking the fuck out because Bali is one of those countries where people pick pocket and things get stolen. My bag had my passport, license, cellphone, camera and wallet in it.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere. I just saw my friend Natalie sitting there all cool and collected while my life was flashing before my eyes. I asked this young couple who was completely naked just watch me as I freaked out. They started helping me dig around which their parts hanging out everywhere so it was a bit awkward. My friend Natalie started laughing her ass off like It was a sitcom or something. But she got up off her towel and dug my bag from it and said I was just hiding it for you so no one stole it. I gave her a punch on the shoulder it was aggrevating at first but a good prank.

However I wouldn’t do that to someone I thought. Later that night it was time to head back to Melbourne an expensive upscale place leaving behind this other world of people just trying to get by. It made me appreciate what I have but most of all hope that I can return and do something for these people. It was an amazing week but hard at times for sure.

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