Dare Me, Darlin’?

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Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



You promised your heart to me

and then there you two were —
all snug as a bug
in a two timing rug.
Twisted and deranged,
one excuse, or three?
What kind of sick game
are you playing with me?
So your decision is made, eh?
The last laugh will be mine;
my competition was never her,
but I’ll bury you with this rhyme.
If you have to pick two,
then don’t pick me;
if I wasn’t worth enough,
well, my love was free.
She charges by the hour
with a bitch and a wine,
and a whiskey sour;
two pennies on the dime.
Your investment, your choice.
I won’t call you stupid,
but I know my worth;
something about, I’d never kid.
And she’ll beat you senseless —
suck every good emotion out.
It’s just her, she’s relentless,
but lucky for me, truth will out.
A lie is always more pleasant
on its face...
But a backwards betrayal?
Shit, pass the mace.
Fuck my world up?
Don’t flatter yourself, dear.
Those words you’re stumbling over?
Thought they’d be more sincere.
But alas, the whole dialogue
never left me with a doubt.
You had your chance;
now I’ll see myself out.

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