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Just my point of view.

Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



Intrusive thoughts, ponies to guns, pollution being produced by the tons.

Corporations thriving off of consumers materialism, this isn't pessimism, this is realism.

Living in a luxury land, fear and distraction go hand in hand. Living in fear of a life like the others, I don't wanna be so bland.

Religion provides an answer for questions beyond our knowledge, anything but the thought of deteriorating while worms inch through your eyesockets.

Your prized possession is a Ferrari? Well mines an Atari, but if luxuries are your priority then you're just part of the vast majority.

Like everyone else, including myself.

Aliens might invade us in 20 years. World war 3 could be near, i feel as if we're on the peer, Of something not so clear, sometimes I shed a tear, sometimes I'm within my fear, Were living on a sphere in the middle no where.

spending another day dwelling on the fact that the human race is just a virus, we're a spreading disease, chopping down trees, killing the bees, oh jeez, we're gonna kill our own species, paying the fees to support another rich man's greed, but that's the life when you're part of the stampede.

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