Being Human

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Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



It’s floating in the water

With mountains all around

It’s standing on a mountain

With your head in the clouds

It’s laying in a meadow

Watching clouds go passing by

It’s soaking up the sunshine 

It’s counting the stars in the sky

It’s sitting on the shore

Watching birds fly overhead

It’s that quiet peaceful moment

When you close your eyes to rest

It’s that gritty grainy feeling 

Of the sand beneath your feet

It’s the laughter of a loved one

It’s all the people you’ve yet to meet

It’s the roaring of the ocean,

The gentle lapping of a lake

It’s all the places we’ve been

And all the mistakes we’ve made

It’s the kindness of a stranger

It’s lending a helping hand 

It’s having someone to listen

And being someone who understands

It’s being open to new perspectives

It’s knowing when to walk away

It’s learning the art of forgiveness

It’s being grateful for today

It’s living in the moment

And seeing beauty all around

It’s being one with the universe 

With two feet on the ground

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