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Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



Rewind the wind


Why are we frightened to beat the fear?

Why are we not being self-control?

Why can’t we control emotions?

These questions will rise in every human soul, who don’t believe in themselves so find who you are?

Chase the chase not to chase you. Our lives are measured from our deeds and not in the word we pronounce. Don’t give up anything; just strive to reach the destination through justice. At this present people say, “now there is no place for being truthful”, “there is no hope of finding a righteous person ”,“ there is any way to show humanity”, and etc….

Don’t ever stop by hearing those foolish comments, that may be true for them but that is not the conclusion for all.

Live your life for yourself, don’t live for others. If you want to be a successor in this life , first you should be aware that you are the leader for yourself ,this insight will teach you morals, those morals will elevate you to the freedom of love that is success.

Learn to fight alone, which needs self-confidence and self-esteem, when we learn these inner qualities then we will able to make a right decision.

The Interior is Essential

The essential mantra for self-improvement (Believe) first you believe yourself then you will feel the realm of your life.

Do you know the cause of being not a believer of your potential?

That will show you the face of fear. Fear is described in these





Fear of failure is worse than failure itself. Failure is not Worst thing that can happen to someone. People have failed without attempting itself. In order to defeat the failure overcome the fear.  We should be a believer. For example , When a child tries to walk it keeps on falling, for the child it’s not the act of falling they are on the process of learning even we all did this on our childhood, if we have been heart-brokened at that time, we wouldn’t have walked. Our struggle originates from mother uterus to womb. 

Have belief in yourself to reach the peak of success in your life.

This articles topic describes the wind, as a wind of pain and shamefulness there are positive wind too, but at this context we deal with the negative wind.

One of the most unwanted things which none wants to have it in their life is PAIN. No one can escape from pain; this is the common fate for all. Everyone has to taste the pinch of pain in their life.

Be determined never lose confidence; persistence is the bounce back ability. All success-full people gained success because they persisted. Example (Mahatma Gandhi), nothing can be gained at sudden (Except bad name).

To increase self confidence in our life, we should give positive auto suggestion likewise I can do it, I can handle this, In this ‘I can’ is the main pedagogy to increase our self-esteem.

Good thing takes time to happen in our life. Be patient no one knows when the wind change its direction.

As BRIAN ADAMS states,

“Patience creates confidence, decisiveness, a rational outlook, which eventually leads to success”.

Don’t be a gainer of something be the creator of that gain. Chaps just live and enjoy the moments but don’t give any moments to shook you down just rewind the negative wind to its place, follow your goals and feel the freedom of life.



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