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Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



About Me Too 

Rejection can make him color blind,

The meaning of noturns black and white.

When there’s only one thing on his mind,

No one’s safe to walk alone at night.


You laugh, it’s nice, ‘cause he’s someone new.

But it’s late and he won’t let you exit.

You let fear control your point of view.

You say that’s fine, but you don’t mean it.


And no one would hear you if you screamed,

Now nobecomes your word against his.

Silence takes place of being out-teamed,

And denial takes place of what is.


You say yes to save yourself some time, 

This way, he can’t force you to comply.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a crime,

And it won’t heal the bruise on your thigh.


You feel okay until you’re alone,

How much longer until you explode?

You thought you could do this on your own,

But every wall built, starts to implode.


It’s eating you alive, you can’t sleep.

Was this my fault? Did I ask for this?

The water you’re treading is too deep,

It’s become something you can’t dismiss.


Denying it won’t make it less real,

And time can’t heal the wounds you don’t show.

Don’t let this be your Achilles’ heel,

Find strength in your power to let go.


You’ve carried this weight around too long,

You’ve got a voice that needs to be heard.

And being silent always felt wrong,

Now the truth comes out in every word. 

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