Embrace it

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Dont forget that ot does end

Submitted: September 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 12, 2018



Pain I wont rhymn anything time

Because if I do ill run out of lines

In this life I did my best

I did so much

I want to rest

Embrace it

The agony of being pathetic

Of being a failure

We should never forget it

We deny

We fight

We act like fools

We pretend we arent

Like it is a rule

There are rich and there are poor

But we are all in pain

Lifes is a constant war

Embrace the pain

Or it will hurt more

Own that youre pathetic

And you wont be anymore

You only suck of you think you do

I admit I suck

Im pathetic

Thank you

I cried alot

I was an alcoholic

And i attempted suicide

I dated a girl

I fell in love

And I let my pain cause so much strife

Im a dark type of person inside and out

Im in insurmountable amounts of debt and it isnt something to joke about

My life is pathetic and it hurts sometimes

My smile sometimes feels like a crime

The thing is. Life is this temporary thing

We try we die and we hurt and we sing

Everything I do

We do is never enough

Because we run from something that is haunting us

Humans feel pain and we avoid it always

We hide from it even of we say dont which we do always

But embracing pain and the bottom is the only way to make it fade

The human mind goes numb to what we are around regularly

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