Days Of the Week

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The Days of the Week, a family of seven, share their true thoughts on how they are treated. A little dark, bullying is a big part of this.

Submitted: September 13, 2018

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Submitted: September 13, 2018



Before I start, I would like to point out that the characters in this story are indeed false. This was a prompt for my creative writing class to personify the days of the week. The following story is how I feel they would react to people's normal feelings towards them. While you may not feel the same way about them, many do, and it's not even because the week has done anything wrong, they just feel it. I thought a little deeper into the prompt and this was the result.


Days Of The Week

She’s quiet and sweet, she always tries to do her best at everything. She craves attention, in a way that is different from how she’s always treated. Monday feels only resentment, and her heart, so fragile, can not take it. She weeps by herself because none would give her a chance to prove herself, but even in the summer nights, when she is forgotten, she knows that the torment will come soon. Monday is strong, but she always feels so weak, yet she won’t let it show. She’s weaker than you know, and sadder than you care.

He’s happy, to know that he won’t be treated the same, but he knows he will never be accepted. They forget him everyday, a passing shadow of what could be. If only they would pay attention to him, they would see that he is not afraid to break, because he knows they will look the other way still. They will not stop and they will not ask if he is okay, because to them, he does not exist. So he stays there, curled in a ball, starving for attention, for someone to take notice. The boy knows of Mondays troubles, he wishes he could help, but he knows he would only make it worse. And yet, Tuesday still, hides in her shadow.

Wednesday is a joyful bird, she cares not what others think. She’s nice and fun to be around, of all the others, she is a release. They all enjoy her presence, that somehow says everything will be okay. She was not afraid to make her own title. So she goes off everyday, a smile on her face, with a small thought, in the back of her mind. She knows that tomorrow, she will be remembered still, but her sisters are still those remembered best. Why couldn’t she have been like them, she wonders, why couldn’t she be quite as memorable.

His feet are always dragging and a hood covers his face. He is full of anticipation, and anxiety, wondering if this is the week they’ll notice. Of course not, they’re all waiting for my little sister. He doesn’t hate her, just wishes she could tone it down. After all, back of the classroom was a cold place, and a grim reminder that no one cares what he does. But he also sees this as an opportunity. Yes, it is a great chance for him. So he sits in the back, drawing on the desks, never doing the work, because it all seems fickle to him. They don’t know him, his name is missing from the role. His only friend in the world is Tuesday, because they share one common trait. Yes, Thursday thinks, this is what it’s like, to have never existed.

She’ll never know what it’s like to be on her own. She loves the attention they give her, she needs it. So dependant on their joy from being around her, she fails to notice her siblings struggles. The party girl, they call her sometimes, and others they call her Joy. Not because it’s in her name, but because it’s the way she makes them feel. But Friday has her demons to. They watch her, they wait for her, and she is never alone. She tries to get over it, but the feeling is overwhelming. She knows it’s only because she’s the most fun, but the lingering eyes become a problem. They watch her, night and day, stalking her. It scares her, and she tells the others, but she knows. That nothing can be done, and now, there are to many to count.

The twins are the luckiest ones in the pack. They feel it in their souls. Identical brothers and oh so appealing. They are loved, but not to much. Just the right amount it seems. One is calming, a type of lazy that no one can beat. He lounges around, never doing work, but rather, creating the images in his mind. He tells stories of them all, he whispers them to people, all are so beautiful, so detailed. Only the adults seem to hate him, he never gets anything done. A waste of time they say, but he doesn’t listen. That’s what they think. But it hurts him still. Saturday will never be accepted by the adults. But Sunday, so religious, he always has a bible nearby. He says his prayers, he goes to the church. He helps people to see the light. But children find him boring, and so he tries to be more like his brother. It doesn’t work completely. But they are twins, and they have each other, for now and forever.

Yes, Saturday and Sunday, they are the lucky ones.


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