Don't Ask Poets About Love

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Submitted: September 13, 2018

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Submitted: September 13, 2018



don't ask poets about love

so much love
hanging like ripe fruit
about to let go
and we pass it by
like it's in the neighbor's garden
like it's hanging forever
in an odd museum
beyond our reach

we look at it and
we speak of it
as if we know anything

sometimes we think we're on to something and
we think we can keep it
hold it in our hands
like a caged bird

we think we can write about it
or put it to song

we think we can define it

but eventually
towards the end
we figure out that figuring out love
is like trying to grab the passing of time
with your fingers

the foolishness of being human
covers the whole horizon

and we choose to pass the fruit
many times a day
"It'll be there when we return"
we say to ourselves

but we never really go back
we rarely rewind
life doesnt work that way
time wins
every time
whats gone is gone
and that is a river we cannot dam
a herd we cannot coral
a sky of stars we cannot count
and a dream we cannot repeat

love knows this
love relies on this
love is because of this

so don't ask poets about love
because all I know is nothing but
that love is too small a word for love

I'm starting to think all we're supposed to do
is pick the fruit and eat it
and let the rest go

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