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Would you spend eternity with your lost love or give up and live a normal life?

Submitted: September 13, 2018

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Submitted: September 13, 2018



Once upon a time, two infants were born at the exact same time in two different places. The male was the third-born of a High King, while the female was one of the queen's maid's bastard daughter from the same king. No one knew who was the father but some suspected it was the High King. Soon the maid regains her strength and left the kingdom far away as possible where she found a new home for her and her daughter, Elia.

Elia lived happily in a small town, she grew up beautifully. Her hair was like a raven's feather and her eyes as blue as the sky. Unfortunately, her mother passed away from an illness. Although, she makes the townspeople very happy and helps the elderly whenever she can.

As for the boy who grew up to be the third prince of the High Lands. Prince Lowell, a beautiful young man. His eyes were blue as the day like the High King and his golden hair where he had gotten from the Queen. He became bored with all the politics and the royalty. He often escapes seeing the world behind the castle's walls. He loved making new friends, hunting, get his clothes dirty, and even helping the poor.

Two days ago, Elia traveled to the High Lands where her mother was born. The place isn't as lively as her hometown and the castle of the High King was large and rich whom never cared about their people. That same day, Prince Lowell suddenly bumped into a young maiden. She was very beautiful and different from the women from foreign countries. Elia saw the young man who bumped into. He eventually lends his hand and helped her get up. Their gaze locked into each other eyes 'till the moment came was love at first sight, yet they do not know the dark secret between the two...

Prince Lowell would go see his beloved Elia. They had so much in common and their love grew stronger each day. Not a day has passed, Prince Lowell always thought of Elia and she too always thinks of him even when they are separated. At the moment the High King's spy learned about their love-secret and eventually told the King. He became furious as fire. The High King prevented Prince Lowell from seeing the girl and had guards patrolling the castle night and day if he so escapes again. The High King somewhat knew about who was Elia. She is his bastard daughter from a woman he had raped. Yes, he remembered correctly. The High King needed to get rid of her and so he did. He persuaded a sorcerer to cast a spell on the girl. "Get rid of her!" yelled the High King. The sorcerer granted his wish and it was a success.

Elia suddenly felt sick and she had to go back to her hometown. She felt sad and she didn't get to say goodbye to her beloved Lowell. As the days passed, she grew weaker and weaker. The people that they took care of her became to worry. They did everything they could to heal her but nothing worked. They all said Elia has the same illness as her mother did. She will eventually die soon. 

On a night of a full moon, Elia woke up very hungry. She had this urge of a strange craving for blood. She became frightened but it was the only thing that she wanted. All her neighbors were sound asleep and one by one, all the people she ever knew perished and then rose again turning into strange creatures that will only obey in her command.

After five years of solitude, Elia heard news of Prince Lowell's marriage. "A marriage by force, my lady," said her servant. "The High King grew tired of the prince rejecting every princess." Elia never once stopped loving him. She remembered the time they first met and their first kiss. The sun began to rise. All of her creatures crawled back in their dark places to sleep until darkness comes again.

 Prince Lowell was married by force but never once forgotten of his lost love. "Elia," he said. That same night of his wedding party, he escaped the High Lands and went out to search for his love. He never stopped to rest because he is being pursued by the King's guard. After six months, he found her. People have seen a woman coming out of the dark woods and then disappears every sunrise. Prince Lowell quickly searched for her when he finally reached the end. He wasn't prepared for what he had seen. An abandoned and ruined castle, there were red eyes everywhere lurking in the shadows. He was surrounded by creatures that roamed the place and there was a stench of a smell of blood. Then, there she was standing in a white gown. Her minions protecting their queen by those dared to kill her.

"Elia," said Prince Lowell. "I have left the High Lands to finally be reunited with you once more." Lowell saw how different Elia is from the rest. She had pale skin and eyes that glowed red which made him shivered as she stared right into his soul. Nevertheless, he still loved her with all of his heart.

Yet Elia's heart doesn't pound anymore and half of her still loves him and want to be with him but the other half she has the urge to kill him and devour his blood. Her hands shivered and tried to control herself from killing the one thing she loves the most. "I cannot be with you, my dearest Lowell, this urge I have is too strong, stronger than our love," Elia turned away, "leave this dreadful place." Elia's rejection broke Lowell's heart. He did not fear her. All he ever wanted was to see her again and perhaps be together as they always wanted.

"I'm sorry for that man has done to you. If I could reverse it I would but please don't turn me away," Lowell cried. His heart cannot take it anymore. All those years he had spent were full of sorrow and loneliness. He fell onto his knees and begged, "I want to stay at your side forever. Whatever it is I want to be like you even if it turns me into a beast..."

Elia swift at her lover's side without making a sound. She kneeled down beside him and said, "you do not want this curse. You need blood to survive, love." Lowell and Elia finally looked into each other's eyes. Their love never faded away it was just lost and it finally found its way back.

"Elia, there is no evil when I am with you," said Lowell as he closed his eyes. He made his decision. Elia slowly touches his lips and then his neck where the vein is located. She can feel it throbbing. Then darkness overtook him all of his humanity is gone but never his love for Elia. In a matter of seconds, Lowell's heart stopped beating and dies.


The last page that the High King wrote in his journal about his son and the girl that happened to be the first vampire in history was lost. Who knows if the story is true but there have been photographs and paintings of the two lovers in different parts of the world. Could the two be still around even today??

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