Humanity's End

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Submitted: September 13, 2018

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Submitted: September 13, 2018



Life as they know it is coming to an end
All that once held strong is beginning to bend
They try with all their might but it won't mend
Doom of the messages the earth continues to send

All around the world falls apart
Some try not to take the disasters to heart
Most lose their sense to remain smart
And wander around like a wild dart

They descend into the light
As their souls fade into the night
The stars make the sky shine bright
Fighting the darkness with all their might

As their world dissolves they become lost
Hearts freezing over in eternal frost
Skin that once protected shatters as it turns soft
As they are forced from Heaven's loft

The journey begins as they enter Hell
Body and soul submerge in a burning gel
Their broken and shattered bones create a cell
Trapping them in an inescapable hell

The earth vanishes under the heat
Ground crumbles beneath their feet
Not allowing anyone to meet
Through these struggles they are beat

Down they go unable to stand
Pushed and pulled by the devil's hand
Unsteady they fall with nowhere to land
Slipping into the depths like sliding on sand

This is the end the beginning of their demise
Tricked by the devil and his disguise
As all their remaining hope inevitably dies
Down they all go to allow their demons' arise

© Copyright 2019 Iva Terres. All rights reserved.

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