Is this Goodbye

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Submitted: September 13, 2018

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Submitted: September 13, 2018



This rainy stormy morning. Has me thinking of you. The rainy days we would lay cuddled up. Holding each other tight as our love grew.

Love that seems so distant now. As we lay here not even touchin. How did we get here, how did we fall part? What have we left out of the discussion?

Mistakes I have made, bore my soul to you. Hope and praying that things would be restored. This prosaud we show, just plastic perfect people. With the tears, fears, and emotions behind closed doors we poured.

What is left to do to capture the love we once held? Running far away and starting again? To much here, to much pain, our world has came crashing down! I do wish and hope that we attempt to continue to amend.

For if we dont recapture this love we once shared. There is no point, makes no sense to stay liveing in this pain. You are not happy, nor neither am I Is there truely anything left in us for us to remain?

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