Junkie Sex

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Submitted: September 13, 2018

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Submitted: September 13, 2018



Junkie Sex


- Hey Frank how you doing?

- Great man, I'm really stoned man! I just had a 

great big shot of horse! What a kick, I feel great!

- Yeh?

- Yeh! You want some? I'll sell you a shot!

- Ah no Frank, I think I'll keep getting my kicks

with sex man, I love sex!

- So do I man. Horse is really good for sex man!

- Yeh?

- Yeh man. You can go for hours, once you get it up,

you don't come, you just keep going and going! I don't

know why man, must be some medical reason, but 

anyhow Jean loves it! Once I have some horse, I can 

keep at it all night!

- What and Jean never complains?

- No, she loves it!

- Does your girlfriend shoot horse too?

- My girlfriend?

- Yeh Jean.

- No man, Jean's not my girlfriend. Jean's my dog!

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