Ragged Little Matchbook

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Submitted: September 13, 2018

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Submitted: September 13, 2018



"Ragged Little Matchbook"


I've been staring at the sun

just to see how long it's been.

You were the glowing one

to coincide within.

Dilapidated puns

are now a yearning myth,

supposing all along,

it was fabricated bliss.

Buried in a matchbook,

I've grown too much to fit.

All the matches in here with me

have already been lit.

An hourglass of sorrow,

cracked and sure to spill,

rains sand upon the sulfur

to douse the fire we built.

Peeling away the plaster

in thoughts of where you are.

You must be glowing somewhere

melting naive hearts to tar.

Families find their houses

by the numbers on the door,

tears fall and gently dampen

the dirt beneath the floor.

A friend will shrug and sigh,

then proceed to clean it up,

but everything unspoken

will make its way unstuck.

Madly through the hours,

music plays and hums,

but sadly it's not ours.

Our melody is done.

We tried to swirl a pattern

but it seems it never matched.

The doors to sepia lives

have just become unlatched.

Through all my fears and failures,

I've found a place to hide.

My ragged little matchbook,

with your picture taped inside.





© Copyright 2018 Michael R. Cook. All rights reserved.

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