Forbidden Love

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Teenage boy falls in love with his best friend (boy) and his family responds in a negative light to this.

Submitted: September 14, 2018

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Submitted: September 14, 2018



Forbidden Love

Twenty years ago, the long-awaited happiness had finally reached the lives of the Rodriguez family. The Rodriguez were a married couple who after having contracted marriage, went through a lot of difficulties in forming a family. Maria Gabriela de Rodriguez and Luis Carlos Rodriguez met in the church where every Sunday they attended to pray and listen to the words of their idolized priest. Both were and still are faithful practitioners of the religion that unites them. The first time Maria Gabriela and Luis Carlos's eyes made contact, the hearts of these two lovers beat as hard and as fast as the drums of a furious tropical melody. With the passing of time, the love between Maria Gabriela and Luis Carlos grew exponentially. During their first months of courtship, they used to say to each other things that seemed taken right out of the Bible:

"We profess our love for Christ, our Creator, through the link that we form by joining our lips " "As a man and a woman that we are, our love is pure and correct. Such as that of Adam and Eve. Now we only lack the fruit of our love "

Just 3 months of living many joys being boyfriends, Maria Gabriela and Luis Carlos decided to unify their feelings under the bond of marriage. Both were so happy to be able to get married and start a family. However, the couple lived an emotional nightmare for several months due to not being able to generate the fruit of their love. It was a storm-filled period that abounded intense discussions product of not being able to obtain what they so much wished. However, after six months of marriage, the couple received the fabulous news that they were going to have a baby. This news pulverized the emotional storm that had tormented the couple for months. Maria Gabriela and Luis Carlos were filled with the deepest joy. They decided to call their son, Jesus, honoring Jesus Christ, to whom they thanked for the miracle he had granted them. Jesus lived a childhood filled with a lot of love and affection that he received from his parents, family and friends.

Unfortunately, all this changed when Jesus entered adolescence. His behavior was different from that of his male schoolmates. Whenever they spoke about checking out the most beautiful girls in the room, Jesus felt as uncomfortable as a bird in a cage wanting freedom. This raised suspicions among his colleagues who did not take long to make fun of Jesus using multiple slanderous words against him. This made Jesus feel very bad, who cried in his room frequently without his parents ever noticing. At a party organized by the most popular student in his class, Jesus experienced his first kiss at the age of twelve. This kiss was so magical to Jesus that when he arrived from the party, he decided to tell his parents about his experience. He was so excited to express to Mrs. Maria Gabriela and Mr. Luis Carlos that he was already a man because his lips had made contact with those of another person.

"Mom, Daddy, I'm a man, today I had my first kiss" Jesus expressed filled with joy to his parents. "Oh, well, son, that makes your dad and I very happy! Tell us, WHO IS THE LUCKY GIRL?"

Mrs. Maria Gabriela asked her son, while Mr. Luis Carlos held a smile the size of the sun on his face. "LUCKY BOY, his name is Eduardo, you know him, my best friend." The only words that came out of the mouths of Jesus' parents were the following:

Mother: "From this moment, you stop being our son, Jesus, you will continue to live with us but as if you were a guest of this home. You can not imagine the damage you have caused us. We are so disappointed in you, Jesus. Oh and another thing! If we find out that you have been talking to Eduardo, we'll throw you out of this house."

Father: "You have destroyed the great love we had for you, Jesus, we did not raise you to come out with this treason. Worse than betrayal, a total filth. What you have done is unacceptable. Your mother and I educated you with the best manners and values. With the best manners and values! And this is the way you pay us, Jesus? As your mother has told you, from this moment on you stop being our son. And you better not talk to Eduardo ever again."

The countless tears that Jesus shed at that moment and many years since then, torment him to this very day. It was five hellish years that Jesus lived in his parents' house from that moment. Five hellish years getting teased about his sexual orientation by everyone he knew . At high school, in the street, everywhere. However, the worst hell Jesus lived was inside his soul, since he was forced to refrain from treating Eduardo, the young man whom he loved with all his heart.

Eduardo's family, on the other hand, accepted their son's sexual orientation on one condition when he expressed to them what he felt for Jesus. The condition was that until he and Jesus weren't at least eighteen years old, they were to refrain from demonstrations of affection. They told him, "You and Jesus can love each other with all your heart. But there are not to be any shows of affection until both of you are at least eighteen years old".

When the lovely enamorados both turned eighteen, Jesus decided to leave his home with the support of Eduardo. He could not keep on putting up with the abuse he received from his parents and everyone else. Currently, Jesus and Eduardo live happily together in a modest but cozy apartment, paid with the money that both earn working.


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