The heart of a poet in love

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Submitted: September 14, 2018

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Submitted: September 14, 2018



The eyes linger a moment too long.

The Stars in them made of tears.

The heart searches for meaning

And the air remains stained with the essence of something once plentiful.

The urge to draw nearer to another soul is so powerful,

That those in search are brought to their knees.


It binds your thoughts.

Corrupts them in a way that would nearly kill any man unaware of the challenge.

Sweet love.

Poisoning the breath as it enters the body, leaving one crazed and wanting more.

It is the wind, the sunshine, a smile..

All things immortal and wonderful.

It is death.

Venom in the veins of the innocent.

Trickery to the existence of the unwilling.

Pain in the deepest crevices of the soul as it rots away, it's beating heart broken.

The eyes linger a bit too long on an image of one long lost.

The Stars in them; the tears. They've been swallowed back in ragged breaths.

There is no meaning anymore. Life has lost its music.

The air burns all the way down. Another breath made of fire.

This love.

This is hell.

To be in love is to be certain of pain.

To be a poet in love..

That is to suffer a fate only comparable to aeons of agony.

The suffering being the absence of your lips on mine.

© Copyright 2018 Marie Lane. All rights reserved.

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