Heaven's Gained Another Angel

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Submitted: September 14, 2018

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Submitted: September 14, 2018



Heaven's Gained Another Angel


When I saw that you had died, 

I couldn't believe my eyes. 

It felt like someone reached inside my chest 

and broke my heart in two. 

When i heard what happened

All i felt was guilt, Sadness and pain

Yet i couldn't face the truth 

that we had all lost you. 

It wasn't till that day when i was sitting at your funeral

Staring at the coffin, 

That's when it hut me, When i really knew.

Knew that you weren't coming back

To tell one more knee- slapping joke.

I was holding out, Hoping it was all a dream,

But it really wasn't and that's what kills me. 

Right there i knew we'd lost you

and it broke my heart in two. 

I didn't think it would be that hard saying goodbye to you

But i was wrong,

So very wrong indeed. 

When i saw your family the pain fresh in their eyes, 

All i could do was hug your mum and feel you once again. 

I know that you are happy and smiling down on us,

We hope you are well and safe. 

And now that i've accepted it, That you're truly gone.

All my days feel like a blur.

I'm missing you 

more than i ever did before.

But i think you ought to know

I really did love you

All those years ago and i think i still do. 

You made me laugh,

You made me smile.

You made me feel a special way about myself with just a smile. 

You managed because you are you. 

I will never meet someone as incredible and amazing as you in my life again 

And the thing is I'm okay with that. 

Because there is only one of you. 

You are truly one of a kind 

and i'm glad i got to know you. 

I wish we had more memories

More laughs and smiles there too. 

But maybe in our next life.

I'll hold you in my heart forever till i die. 


I won't say goodbye just yet,

I'm not ready for that. 
So instead I will say Good Night

and i hope i see you again

I really will miss you

more than you will ever know. 

I really do love you

And i wish i told you so. 

You will hold a place in my heart forever


Good night, Sleep Well And I Hope To See You Soon



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