You Saved Me Too

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My dog Juno pictured in the cover passed away and I had to write a dedication for him.

He was / is my best friend. He was the most amazing dog. he was a rescue that came into my life when I needed him most and ironically, he rescued me as well.

Submitted: September 14, 2018

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Submitted: September 14, 2018



How do I give you thanks for your loyal years of service,

if your no longer here to hear them?

How do you find joy in a pet that's gone,

when they're no longer here to see them?

My heart is shattered; broken,
I kept a furry token,
Your howl echoes in my mind.

The car rides we enjoyed,
Are memories I employ,
When sadness is all I find.

I miss the things we shared,
like me dusting off your hair,
you seemed to follow me everywhere.

Now that you've gone away,
I wish you could've stayed,
But I know it's just God's way.

You were such a gift from God; I know,
Your death is such a heavy blow,
You were my world is what it shows.

I have no air to breathe,
You were everything to me,
I know it was the same for you.

I miss the kisses and cuddles,
I'm crying tears in puddles,
I'll never get over you; it's true.

Though you were a rescue pup,
We raised each other up,
No time in the world would ever be enough.

You were a good boy (through and through),
With wide eyes bright and blue,
You'd always smooth a day; so rough.

You were an Angel sent from God himself,
You were the source of all my wealth,
No gold or silver could ever replace your love.

My forehead pressed to yours,
Was a favorite of course,
In those moments I'd be relieved of all discourse.

I'll stroke your ears a final time,
Whisper, "You are such a good boy," with a final whine.
Enjoy heaven; you've finally arrived.

I rescued you that may be true; you know?,
But that's not all the story Juno.

You rescued me too;
Now what am I to do.

Because the world seems so dark,
without you,
It's silence deafening without your bark.

I guess I'll howl once in your honor,
Because now that you're inside me forever,
you'll never be a goner.

© Copyright 2019 James Alexander. All rights reserved.

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