Laying beside me

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Submitted: September 14, 2018

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Submitted: September 14, 2018



Your arms wrapped around me, holding me close so I can feel your heart beat. I find myself wondering why you love me still. Someone so undeserving, for the many things I have done. If the world would know of all I have done, they would say this marriage is going downhill.

I look upon laying here in disbelief. Breathing so softly, lost in blissful sleep. I have not always been the husband, I said I'd be. All of the promises I some how failed to keep.

Yet you don't look behind, only to what we could be. I live with remorse and regret for the life I've lived. Even though love, mercy, and forgiveness is alive in our family. A love alive in a marriage that so many are deprived.

I kiss your forehead gently, smiling to myself. Knowing that this woman beside me, is the one for me there is noone else. No where else on earth could I find such commitment Everything outside of this love, just seems to melt.

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