Anniversary Day

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Submitted: September 14, 2018

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Submitted: September 14, 2018



All most a quarter of a century we have been together. We have had things araise that should of separated us or sent me to the grave! Through it all love and forgiveness kept us alive and together! I remember a young boy who had a few girlfriends but never found that precious true love that so many crave.

He had given up after his heart had been broken by the one he thought he would spend his life with. But to be totally honest I broke her heart first by being unfaithful. It is strange when that true love is found or when you see, when you realize this is the one that is for me! This is truly my soul mate, I will be forever greatful!

This is the one God ordained for me! The very one created, born to be by my side through this thing called life! A love that supports, a love that forgives, a love that is your strength when you can't stand on your own! A love when you give ever reason and opportunity to leave, yet they stay through all life's strife!

This is a love that I could never of dreamed of! My wife is so much more than my dreams ever imagined! For my dreams would of let me down and left me many years ago! I look at my grown daughters and see not only me, but more of their mother in the way that they show love and compassion!

I am beyond blessed to have such a godly woman as my wife! Who has lived as a example to our daughters since they were small. This life I have is beyond anything I could of ever wished for. We may not have the best house, we not have very much money, we may live on the edge of losing it all

Yet we have a love that will carry us through. We have been at the bottom before and crawled our way back out, if need be our love will once again carry us through the darken times. 23 years of a life together many many memories some good, some bad, some we would rather forget! Many more memories lay a head, God willing through this lifetime.

I for one look forward to the life we have laying in front of us. We may not be a newlywed couple, yet we still have dreams and goals for us, for our family as we continue to live this life together. Uncertainty lays ahead, direction that we will go still a unknown to us! But with us walking side by side as we head into the future there will be nothing that we can't face and overcome together.

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