Were You There?

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This poem is personal and it's based off life experiences.

Submitted: September 14, 2018

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Submitted: September 14, 2018






Were you there when I laid awake all night, body racked with pain?

When I thought I would lose my mind, when I thought I would go insane

Were you there when I struggled trying my best to make ends meet?

When I cried because I fell short not knowing where I would get food for my kids to eat

Were you there in the midst of my storm when I didn’t know what to do?

When He whispered these words in my ear and said, “Hold on my child I will bring you through”

Were you there when the tears kept flowing, soaking my pillow late at night?

When I tossed and turned, so depressed, wanted to give up this fight

Were you there when I cried out to God all night to deliver my children from the mess they were in?

When I laid prostrate before Him praying to break the bonds of sin

Were you there when they threatened to kick us out because the rent had to be paid?

When the lights went out, all night on my face before the Lord I laid

Were you there when my loved one died, when I was molested as a child, filled with guilt and shame?

When I asked for forgiveness and He forgave me because I said He was to blame

Were you there when I was raped and sexually abused?

When I was beaten day and night by the one who said he loved me, mistreated and misused

Were you there when I was homeless, no food and no place to live?

When I gave and gave and gave until I had nothing else to give

Were you there when I lost everything and everyone turned their backs on me?

When I cried and cried and cried, eyes so swollen to the point where I could barely see

Were you there when He came and rescued me out of the valley of despair?

When He wrapped His loving arms around me and told me how much He loved me


Don't judge my Praise

Don’t Judge Me!


Yvonne aka Jonvieve


© Copyright 2018 Jonvieve. All rights reserved.

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