lying will lose

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there is no place to lie lying does not reach you anywhere life needs honesty

Submitted: September 14, 2018

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Submitted: September 14, 2018



Lying will lose

one day
We were in a workplace on a break tea time, My phone was in my hand and I was playing with it, One of the girls was sitting in front of me at a table, she asked me
Why do you get a picture? I asked her what?
She said I tell you why you take pictures of me by your phone?
I told her I'm not taking pictures of you or of anyone
But she insisted on her words and almost created a problem for me
In order to prove it, I gave her my phone to make sure of it
She caused me great discomfort, and my uncle came and she made everyone meet around us
Finally, after the girl researched into my phone as she wished she realized she was wrong
Yet I did not carry anything in my heart
Days went and days came
The same girl asked me, can you help me?
Definitely! I asked her what you needed?
She said her brother needed money and if she did not send money to him would be jailed or go to military service for three years
I told her how much your brother needs money to get rid of a problem
She said $ 700
I told her it was not a large amount
I gave her money without asking her any questions at the same moment
She told me she would return money to me in installments over a period of two months
I told her not a problem as you wish
A month later, one of them told me that a girl had no brother
She has only two sisters
Well until this moment I did not get anything from the money I gave her and did not ask her
With it, she told me she would pay me on installment every week
When I knew that she had no brother I decided to ask her why she lied to me and why she did not tell me the truth
When I asked her, could I speak to you privately as she knew why I would talk to her? she was so angry I do not know why
OK! I asked her why she lied?
The girl took out a new excuse
Two months passed and I did not get any cent and I didn't ask her
Well I did not ask her because I understood her situation and now I knew she had no brother or father to help her
Once days
A girl asked for $ 700 again
Well I gave her 700$ another time, but this time I did not ask her anything, I did not ask her to determine any time to return the money
Time passed and we became friends, now she's forcing me to take pictures of her with my phone, she takes my phone and takes pictures of herself to keep on my phone
one day I sat with her in a cafe and she asked me
Do you trust me?
I told her yes I trust you
She said, but I do not trust you
I asked her why do not you trust me?
She said to me because I lied to you the first time and you helped me again
I do not trust you because of you trust me, you have a white heart and I can lie to you any time I want
Then I learned that she would remain to lie all her life
I did not utter any word, I left a girl and the place until I did not say the word goodbye.



Rekan Steel


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