Where Do We Go From Here

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Submitted: September 14, 2018

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Submitted: September 14, 2018



We laugh and we play

And we get along so well

I think that I love you

But it's hard to tell


When I hold your hand I feel so tall

When you look at me I feel so calm

People come and people go

If you lie I'll never know


On these hot humid days

My face feels out of place

There are sights to see and places to be

It would be sweet if you could accompany me


Try not to live your life in circles

You live and you learn

Don't forget to move on

It's self respect that you earn


The initial push will get you there

Life can change in a month I swear

Enjoy the view life has to share

Take some time to stop and stare


You have me in the palm of your hands

Please! Don't think we are just holding hands

I can't fall in love too quickly again

I need to remember we are only friends


I think that's how it should start

Make sure we matter to one another

Before someone gets a broken heart

But damn!

You said you couldn't see us apart 

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