What I Keep for Myself

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Submitted: September 14, 2018

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Submitted: September 14, 2018



There is no lonelier place to be Than in the middle of the raging sea Of emotions crashing down on me. I saw what I was afraid to see, A vortex of rage and endless despair. I saw the darkness everywhere; And in the center I was there Drinking in what I thought was only air.

As the chaos churned and spun with hate And a fury grew that would not abate, I viewed it all as through a crystal plate And found a hunger I could not sate. I longed to touch it and be swept away A forgotten shell of this role I play. I would curse and storm into the fray But remnants of light still held sway.

As the demons screamed and rattled their chains, I calmly tallied the losses and gains. The moments of life are like small grains And we we sow will be what remains. I closed my eyes and drank it all in; The sea settled and drained within A deep abyss created for my sin, Accustomed to waiting for a chance to win.

I know eventually there will come a day When I give in to death and decay. All that I am will fade away; Until then I choose to live in the grey. The world is a gem but it has it's flaws. There will always be ice that never thaws. There will always be pain without just cause. I open my eyes and grasp at the straws.

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