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Submitted: September 15, 2018

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Submitted: September 15, 2018



Full name


Place of birth

  • City, state, continent, planet, alternative universe, whatever


  • Their race, title, are they alive or dead, are they well known in their country or somwhere else


  • Are they older, younger or twin sibling
  • If a character has stepsibling, who are parents of that sibling

Close friend(s)

  • That one person who follows your character like hungry stray cat


  • Also, can he summon any type of animals or do some animals just seem to like him very much? Like, do cats or unicorns just follow them around ocasionally?


  • Race and status of the spouse
  • Are there more spouses
  • Is he a cheating bastard


  • Are there any, if not, does your character wants them
  • Does your character even likes children
  • Does your character have any illegitimate children

Place of living

  • Does your character has permanent residency or he walks around the world like a stray cat


  • King, prince, guard, tailor, bounty hunter, librarian, crazy cat lady etc.


  • What does your character does for life and in free time (if he's a prince, does he helps the king run the country or he just collects poor hungry cats and doesn't care about shit around him)

Social status

  • Is he rich? Is he poor? Does he have some kind of inheritance?


  • Eye color
  • Hair color and lenght
  • Heigt
  • Body structue
  • Style of clothting
  • If your character is hybrid like most of my protagonists, what did he/she got from each parent
  • Also, are there any tattos or scars


  • Mental or physical

Stuff that a character takes with them

  • Anything that has some special meaning to them


  • All the weapons your character is carrying despite his knowledge of using those


  • Is he a badass swordsman? Is he a great climber? Can he speak in fluent sarcasm?

Random characteristics

  • Alcoholism, drugs, irrational love for cats, gambling , weird habits, words they can't pronounce etc.



Relationship with family members and friends and how he treats people with lower/higher rank in general


  • Did your character kill a dragon or dinosaur or a king, did he burn the city down, got some kind of recognition from the ruler etc.


  • This is optional
  • You can write here whatever you like
  • Basically, what are some random facts about your character, how did he got his name, who is he made by (if he was inspired by someone)

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