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Rayna treating her man to some yummy dessert.

Submitted: September 15, 2018

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Submitted: September 15, 2018



Scott stands up and rubs his belly. “That was delicious babe”. Rayna grabbed the two dinner plates off the table and headed toward the kitchen sink. “Thank you, hun, wait till you see what’s for dessert,” she said with a smirk.  “I can’t wait,” Scott says as he takes another swig of the wine left over from dinner. He then heads toward the living room and sits down on the couch, grabbing his phone off the end table.

As Scott is looking at his social media accounts on his phone, Rayna finishes cleaning up the kitchen then heads upstairs to change her clothes. She freshens up in the bathroom. Walking toward her vanity table, she glances at her naked body in the mirror above her dresser. Her breast, sitting perfectly above her flat stomach. She puts her hand on her belly. She is proud of her body she has worked so hard on. Spending hours and hours at the gym each week. She picks a perfume for her nightcap with Scott. Reaching for the Versace yellow diamond, she sprays the perfume on the back of her neck and wrist. Still naked, she grabs her black silk robe and heads back downstairs where Scott is still sitting on the couch, now watching random silly youtube videos on his phone.

Heading into the kitchen, Rayna opens the kitchen cupboard contemplating on what to use tonight for Scott’s dessert. She decides to go with the chocolate syrup, honey, and melted caramel.

Rayna walks into the living room and sits the three items on the coffee table in front of Scott. “My sweet tooth has been getting to me today, so I’m ready to eat. Are you?” She asks Scott seductively as she gets down on her knees. She places her hand on his thigh, rubbing closer and closer toward his penis. As she rubs back and forth over his zipper she can feel his penis growing and become hard. Scott knew she would have something good ready for dessert, but he had no idea she was referring to sex. This excited him. Unzipping his jeans and pulling them to his ankles as she grabs the caramel off the table. She opens the bottle and pours a little caramel on his hard cock. She puts a little caramel on her finger and brings it to her lips. She slowly and seductively sucks the caramel off of her finger while staring into his eyes. Scott’s meat is standing straight and tall.

Starting from the ball sack to the head of his cock, Rayna licks the caramel off with her warm, wet tongue. In a circular motion, she licks all around the tip of his dick and then opens her mouth wide.   She begins sucking and moving up and down, catching all of the sweet caramel as she goes along. Scott leans his head back on the couch and lets out a moan. Fixing her hand on the bottom of his cock while her chocolatemouth is sucking the tip, she twists her hands back and forth, up and down all while sucking the shit and swallowing. There is no more caramel left and Scott is on the verge of coming….she stops before and says “it’s my turn.” With his dick still standing tall, he stands up while Rayna takes her place on the couch and she takes off her robe and spreads her legs. She grabs the bottle of chocolate sauce and squeezes some in between her legs and it runs down the creases of her lips. Rayna takes her hand and starts rubbing the chocolate all around her clit and into her already wet sex.  Beckoning for Scott to come closer, she takes her wet fingers out of her pussy and puts them in Scott’s mouth. Heslowly sucks all of her juices and chocolate off of her fingers.

Scott takes the chocolate sauce and pours more on to her stomach and in between her thighs. Starting at her breast, he gently takes one of her nipples in his mouth and sucks on one while caressing and pinching the other. Rayna moans with excitement. Moving down to her stomach, he takes his tongue and slowly licks the chocolate off while moving in a circular motion towards her belly button.

Moving down from her belly button, he kisses and sucks as he moves towards her sex. She begins to spread her legs wider for him to begin feasting on her sweet juices. Rayna tilts her head back as she begins to caress her (1)

Scott begins kissing and licking her inner thighs enjoying the taste of her perfectly tan skin and chocolate. Once all the chocolate was gone, he moves back to her now flowing sex. He takes a second to just admire its beauty, swollen and pink, a perfect flower. You could see her juices wanting to flow, he sticks his finger in it to see just how wet she is, almost to dig her out. Rayna moans “let me taste”. Scott takes his soaked fingers and puts them in her mouth so she can taste her own sweet honey.

Scott leans in and kisses her softly, the heads back down low to taste her for himself. Holding her legs, he suckles and licks on her clit so softly but firmly making her shiver with excitement. With precision, he speeds up and slows down the power of his tongue sensing all of Rayna’s feels. He can feel and taste her getting wetter and wetter, juices dripping in between her cheeks. Rayna arches her back and grabs the pillow, “I’m going to cum baby, don’t stop”, as she says that he starts caressing upward again, from her stomach to her breast, neck, and beautiful full lips. As their eyes meet, he then roughly penetrates her with his hard cock. Rayna moans loudly, grabbing Scotts back as he goes deeper and picks up speed after each hard thrust. Scratching his back, Rayna can barely take anymore and the feeling overwhelms her before she could even speak. Her eyes rolling back into her head, she lets out a long moan and Scott can feel the pressure of juices beginning to flow all around his cock. Rayna had squirted from Scotts deep thrusts, with this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, Scott could no longer hold it and cums inside of Rayna.

They lay there, hearts racing as if they were sinking into one another. With his head on her chest, Scott says “best dessert I ever had, def can’t buy that from a store!”

Written By: Crystal Walker

© Copyright 2019 Crystalia. All rights reserved.

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