What Gymnastics Was To Me

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I loved gymnastics, but my coach didn’t love me...

Submitted: September 15, 2018

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Submitted: September 15, 2018



six hours a week

thats what I had to do



i choose gymnastics over everything

i loved it

it was my escape

my little world where everyone got me


i competed

sure I didn’t bring medals in 

but I did my best

i worked the hardest


i conditioned every other day of the week

and stretched every day


this continued for two years


same routine every day of the week.


gymnastics broke me

but it built me stronger

i didn’t give up 

because I didn’t want the others to give up


I could have quit every time it got hard

but I didn’t 

I stuck with it

I perfected everything


and when I wasn’t moved up a level, 

I still didn’t quit

I became a role model for the younger kids

I was probably the best of the group


So why 

Why did she kick me out?


she said, and I quote

’you’re not advancing fast enough, the others are almost there. I think you should continue gymnastics, just not competitively’

I had been in that level for two years. And she had the nerve to go and say I wasn’t advancing fast enough.

I was broken

My entire world shattered

scattered along an empty abyss


That’s when I quit.

I didn’t quit because she wanted me to,

but because she didn’t deserve me


And even despite kicking me out

Every time she sees me, 

she smiles



she still thinks I’m going to be nice back to her



But if she were to see me now?

she’d wish she’d kept me


I am a contortionist 

and aerial artist 

and a soon-to-be author


Am I happy I left?


I’ll see her when I enroll for the circus

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