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Gone But Not Forgotten

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Submitted: September 15, 2018

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Submitted: September 15, 2018



I had a best friend
In this great big world
That has no end & no beginning
The days go by
And the weeks rush on
And before we know it
A year has passed (Apr 06/2015)
I’ll never see my old friends face again
For life is a swift & challenging race
He knows I loved him
Just as I did back in the day
When I used to call him
We were younger then
And now we’re just tired, busy adults
Tired of playing this foolish game
Tired of trying to make a name
Tomorrow I’d like to call him
Just so he knows I still think of him
But tomorrow will come
And tomorrow will go
And the distance between us
Continues to grow
We’re now miles apart
Always say what you mean
If you love someone
Tell them
Don’t be afraid
To express yourself
Reach out and tell them
Exactly what they mean to you
Before it’s too late.
He may be gone; however he’ll never be forgotten

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