The Baby

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Submitted: September 15, 2018

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Submitted: September 15, 2018



The Baby


  I had to make a rush for the toilet one night, and as

soon as I sat down it came out! A baby! I picked it up

out off the toilet bowl where it was howling, and wiped

it clean of shit, and made it comfortable on my bed,

and there it stayed for days while I fed it milk and 

baby food, as it called me, " Dada! Dada! "

  But then it started to grow hair all over its face and 

body, and swore all day at me for not feeding it enough.

But the more I fed it the bigger it got, and then at

night it started crawing outside attacking people

walking along the neighbourhood footpaths and 

lovers making out in their parked cars for food.

  Eventually one night the cops responding to a 

complaint and a tip off, cornered it at the back of

my house and shot it with a tranquilliser gun. It was

taken to Luna Park where it became a famous exhibit

named, " Baby Not Born Of Womb."

  It was more popular than the Ghost Train, or the 

Big Dipper, or the Spider, or any other the amusement

park attractions. People came from all over the globe

to take a selfie alongside of it in its cage.

  And for myself, I've been so full of fear that I'd give 

birth again, that I've been chronically constipated since 

that night, that I gave birth to it. I think my bowels are 

about to burst, and I cannot move for abdominal pain.

And I swear as I lay awake at night in a state of insomnia,

I can hear it calling to me, " Dada! Dada!

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