Love made a way

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Submitted: September 15, 2018

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Submitted: September 15, 2018



No love so true, as of that you show. Someone like me, someone so undeserving. You could of choose from so many more. But what you give, gives me hope in living.

When Darkness and depression filled my soul. You came to my side with hope and light. Telling me to hold on, that it wouldn't be that long. Even though we were apart, you kept our love in sight.

Thirty days of living hell, feeling ran rampant. Half way through I thought of ending it all. You were torn on what you should do. Our lives as we knew it came tumbling down in a great fall.

The few nights and little time together, I saw shimmering light. You took me by the hand, sympathetic eyes saying we need a little time. Questions on if I was going to wait or just leave and start again. This had to be the coldest summertime.

Slowly redemption and forgiveness began to show. Stated you wanted to be by myside. You came home to start again. Together our love would abide.

Your love is something words can't describe. It goes far beyond words you just say. I for one as I have said, this I don't deserve. But the love we share, has always made a way.

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