Diamonds and Gold

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: The House of Poetry

Submitted: September 15, 2018

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Submitted: September 15, 2018



Diamonds and gold 

I lived in fake diamonds
24 karat white gold lies
It left a green ring around our vows
You blamed my tears for making it rust
When all along it was a lack of trust

Winter homes aren’t quite as cozy 
when you open the windows 
and turn on the heat
We said those people were pointless
Turns out you were as dull as they seemed

You were made of tin 
Rusted, I oiled your hinge
Gave you a heart
You tore mine apart
Sent more gold to cover your sins

I’d rather have rusted truths
Copper actions
But solid proof
That love isn’t measured
By diamonds and gold
Had you known me well enough
You already would have known

In my dreams 
I wear bubblegum machine rings
Spontaneously asked for the wedded things

I hate traditions
I’m different, you know
And the wedding isn’t important
It’s the love as it grows 

I don’t even like diamonds
And I hate gold
I don’t want new feelings
I want a love that grows old

Now I’m back at square one
Because you gave away our life
When you weren’t man enough
To even call me your wife

After the wedding 
And the newness wore off
The honeymoon ended
And it was you that got lost

I kept myself busy 
To not mourn being apart
And you called me a whore
A reflection on your part 

Still I tried to make it work
But after 13 years of friendship you became a jerk 

A liar
A cheat 
A bastard
A whore
And if I still cared 
I’d probably list more

But this isn’t about goodbyes
It’s about all the things my heart survived
It learned how a break 
Was really a hairline fracture 
And not to believe I love yous 
Unless you know they’re not an actor
Because diamonds and gold 
Don’t promise a thing
Lies don’t just end 
When you put on a ring

© Copyright 2020 Jessica K. Ford. All rights reserved.

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