The Volcano.

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I wanted to find out why those people were interested in a dead volcano.

Submitted: September 16, 2018

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Submitted: September 16, 2018



The volcano on the Southern Western part of the town hadn't erupted for a very long time. No one was expecting it to go off at any time. They accepted it as a dead volcano. It was early morning, well before the sun came up when I went up to the mountain to cut wood. Coming back down with the wood in a bunch on my head, I saw this line of men and women heading up towards the volcano. They were quite some distance from me over on the other ridge. I found it rather strange in the first place to see all those people going to the volcano, and in the second, what was so interesting up there to see?
I set out on a fast pace to get down and get rid of this wood. The distance down was still a long way. I was planning to go back up that ridge where those people were, and to see what they were up to. With the wood safely away, I headed back up the mountain on the side where those people were. I got right to the top where I had a good view down into the dead volcano. There were no people to be seen. I walked around on top of the volcano which took me some time. Back to where I started, I was completely baffled. This had become now a mystery to me. I stooped down and peered penetratingly below and at the sides. There was asmall track in the black dirt leading down. I decided to take that track. No sooner I was on it when the whole mountain side started trembling. Scrambling in the dirt to get back to the top, out of the middle of the volcano came a bolt od what looked like grey ash, reaching skywards, then falling back to the ground. There was a rumbling, and then a great explosion. I was already out and running away over the old rubble that was there. Then I saw fire pitching up, and going back down. Well out of reach now, the whole volcano erupted and lava was now spilling down the sides. Not far from where I was I saw this group of people all wearing white.

The End.

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