Lonely Coyote

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A story based on the famous Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.

Submitted: September 16, 2018

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Submitted: September 16, 2018



In the Mojave one can hear laughter
From the shaking branches of a Joshua tree
Whose wide trunk records each folly's chapter
Between a clever cuckoo and mad coyote

When the earth dried out, life justly ordained
The rule of instinct all animals obey
This foolish coyote kept law maintained
As he chased and chased a single avian prey

Endless endeavors, however absurd
Consistently worked for the hunter's ill-favor
A fired iron bullet, aimed at this bird
Would return to the barrel and badly quaver

The desert sun forgives the hard-coated
And sacrifices the rest to desolate plains
The coyote's flesh slowly eroded
His hide became blistered without water for veins

What a pointless effort! he thought sadly
All of his perseverance bested by fowl luck
Better to survive and work for Acme
Than to perish from hunger and die in the muck!

They paid a bone for each finished device
So he hustled away and became less leaner
Recovering a bit of strength and size
Returning to his wicked, wily demeanors

Time soon produced the natural cravings
Ingrained in all predators to pursue fast game 
His legs desired ridiculous chasings
So he fled to the canyons resounding his name

While searching for his unfeasible prize
He saw several runners distantly appear
A bride and children and, to his surprise
The unbeatable racer, wider in the rear

Embittered by this heart-warming view
Drained of motivation to resume the pursuit
The coyote slunk away and withdrew
Losing his rival to familial recruit

What could replace the games they used to play?
He was a fish without lure in an empty sea
Wandering the basin like a wild stray
He broke into howls by the Joshua tree

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