Suspended Animation

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I wonder if characters ever feel this way when you are writing a book or novel or even a series of stories about the same characters and you suddenly stop writing for a variety of reasons,
including sickness, getting busy with other matters in your life, boredom, writers block or any other number of reasons. Seen through the eyes of characters in a book that has stopped being written
(at least for the time being)

Submitted: September 16, 2018

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Submitted: September 16, 2018



They were all frozen in their individual scenes, some simply talking, others fighting and others still you weren't sure where they were but you just knew they were somewhere. All characters of a book or short story, epic in scope and the writer had lost the muse or had gotten busy and or been sick and a dozen other reasons.


Some speculated it was writers block. “I wish he would hurry back with us. I'm getting tired of holding this sword” one character said.


“You. I'm left being chased by a monster and I can't go anywhere. I'm stuck until he comes back” another character said.


“Where is he? I've been in this same position for a while now” another said as he thought out loud.


“Maybe he's sick?” one said, of course none of them knew for sure.


“I can't tell. I have my eyes closed. That's how he wrote my last scene. I can't see anything” another said, lamenting his fate since the writer had dropped the project for various reasons.


“Maybe he got busy. I hear that happens to writers” one speculated out loud.


“Maybe. Or maybe he lost his interest in us all” another said, suddenly feeling sad.


“But he started out with such passion” another said. They all wondered where he had gone off to.


“I bet its because no one was reading anything of us. I never felt anyone pulling for us or feeling for us or anything” one said as he thought about the last time anyone read any of the epic.


“Well I'm sure one person is reading about us and that's something I guess. But still I do wish he would return. I want to find out what happens” another character said.


Many of the other characters agree.


“Maybe so but I suspect my character dies soon” one said as he thought about his story arch and what had been happening to him.


“Well I suspect that will happen to a lot of us. Its that type of story. Besides we will live forever as long as people continue to pick us up and read us. You can be assured of that” he offered, trying to boost everyone's hope and morale.


“I suppose so. Let's hope so. I would hate to be created and written and no one ever discovers us” another piped in.


“Well it's just nice to be here. And be part of this. Even if we're all frozen in our last scene” another finally said as he held his position in the page.


“I hope the muse comes back and we can move on with this adventure” another character said.


“Inspiration always plays a big part in anything I guess. I suspect it has been a big part of our story” another character had to add.


“Yeah, that's true. I don't feel like I'm a copy of anyone elses work. I feel unique and like what we do is fresh and new” another character finally spoke up.


“Eh, maybe. Some of us seem derived from some where” someone spoke up. The others look at them.


“Speak for yourself. I feel all my scenes were unique” the first one replied.


The was a moment of silence as each character reflected on their own story arcs.



“Well in any case I'm sure the writer is thinking about us” another character said, who had been silent through all of this.


“Let's hope so. Lets hope that soon he returns and we can live out stories the way we were meant to be” one last one said. “And not stuck here in suspended animation”.

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