215 Days

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Submitted: September 16, 2018

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Submitted: September 16, 2018



I've got over 215 days of smiles in my back pocket

Each one is bigger than the last, but even the first one is a mile wide

215 days of laughter, the kind that’s filled with sincerity and contentment

215 days of conversations deeper than the Marianas Trench

Followed by the silliest comments, like my irresponsible purchase of a blender

215 days of prayer that you would find strength and courage in your life's pursuits

215 days of silly emojis and you telling me I make the same 3 faces in pictures

Though, I have a feeling those 3 faces mean the same to you that your smile means to me

215 days of me grinning wildly and then when someone asks why, all I can do is blush

I don't really have to answer, my friends can usually guess why

But those 215 days of joy didn’t start 215 days ago

Somewhere before this story book friendship there was a prologue

It included the back story to the main characters

Each one's life before meeting the other, and the first 3 months after

It took 3 months for me to start intentionally building a friendship

But it only took me 1 month before I knew it had to be you

Then came 215 days of my heart skipping a beat every time you texted first

215 days of seeing blue skies and oceans in the reflection of your iris

Every butterfly in my stomach is peaking at me behind those reflections

Yelling at me don't you dare let this one get away

Because 215 days is not enough time to be with you

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