Naked Obsession

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Sometimes in life you must strip the soul to reach the heart, and deny the heart’s desires to fully understand the fragility of the mind


Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 16, 2018



Naked Obsession

Naked Obsession

Heart, mind, and body, fate’s discretion

My perception, as we speak, is like a naked canvass,  uncharted and blank

As I stand, each footstep draws me closer to the plank

Into the sea I go, rebirth awaits me 

One with self as I have come to see


Lover’s reminisce and emotional recalls

Follow my lead, no questions and just continue to enthrall 

Revelations in the constellations to the powers that be

The salacious of my creed, at the crossroads now greets me

Floating around, hearing the melodies of life’s sound

Words of love found on another playground


Seductive narratives to tantalize the soul

Living the thrill of the rush as my words beautifully row

The rules of engagement and its glories fairytales

Life entwining of pleasure always falls into place, no time to fail

Seduce my mind and my body as you go

Therefore, in my bed, pearly currents will continue to flow


Emotions driven

Heart still smitten

Those caressing sentiments that once captured my soul

Undying feelings still sweetly patrols

The stars in the sky are wondrously aligned

Making a wish for you to be mine

Capturing your mind by Heavenly designs


Grasp my hand and close your eyes

Explore my mind, romance my heart without the whys

Coveted my body as once before

Enrapture of deprivation felt amore

Naked Obsession


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