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Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



Having a perfect life is something we all want. You have a plan for what you will want to do in a week’s time, maybe in a month’s time or even a year’s time; but life tends to have different ideas.

We live in a world now where it’s difficult to find equality, whether that be from money, race, possessions and so on. In an ideal world, we’d have what we want, when we want it; but is having the ‘perfect’ life something we can actually have?

In most of our cases, if we had a good job, a nice house, a family and financial stability (or even more) many wouldn’t complain. Unfortunately, we have to deal with the unfortunate circumstances that life throws at us. In less fortunate parts of the world, they seem to be fighting unfortunate circumstances every single day. We all have ambitions and goals that will lead us one step closer to having the life we all want; and without fulfilling those ambitions, it can leave many of us not appreciating what we already have.

The harsh reality of suffering from an illness, a lack of financial stability or a lack of food and shelter, somewhat summarises the state of the world at the moment. Having a perfect life isn’t necessarily all about how much you have in terms of wealth and material possessions, but how much you do with what you have. Material possessions, money, holidays, cars are all things we sometimes need and can become very convenient, however, they also have a habit of letting us down in times of need.

Someone in Africa may consider the perfect life to be able to have clean water to drink, food to eat or even a clean health facility when needing medical assistance. Sometimes we can overlook the good things we have in life each day, the fact we can see, hear, taste, talk, being healthy, walk as well as having shelter and warmth in the winter; to wanting even more that we don’t necessarily need to make us feel better. Some have disabilities but they do not let it stop them from enjoying day to day activities. 

We all hope for a great life which we can enjoy and make the most out of, but sometimes appreciating the small things in life is what makes it perfect, the small things which millions are not able to enjoy day to day. Take joy in the things you came into the world with; not necessarily what the world tells you will make you feel happy.

Written by Richard Afrifa 

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