Song of the Wind

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A winds tune.

Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



Song of the Wind


The wind whispers softly in my ears

Like the sound of violins,

A never ending tune

That never fails to begin.


A song, a shout of joy.

A Love song waiting to be sung,

An ever wondering heart

That wants to be Loved as one.


Why walk when you can run?

Why dream it when you can do it?

Why hate when you can love?

Come and sing a new tune.


Turn in the wind with me,

Dance with me my dear.

Burn in the blaze of our passions,

Let these sparks become raging flames.


There is this rage that burns within,

It might devour, it might destroy,

Or it may reveal what is true,

A passion, a desire,

This Life that ends in fire.


Over my head and through the trees,

An orchestra of wind still plays.

Can you hear it?

Are you listening?

For the song of the wind still plays.


And I must live out it's tune...


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