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A Love letter written in Hope

Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018





Like the budding winter flowers,

Beautiful in red,

That stand in contrast to

The Grey Winter Skies.


White clouds above me,

Like a blanket around the sun,

Hiding me ever from you sight.

My heart longs to see you.


Like the snow that caps the mountain tops,

This white mist of no return;

Draws my thoughts constantly to you

And yet the red flowers bloom.


Will it be a Summer Day,

When at last I see your face?

My heart will wait,

Through these seasons of Winter

And Springs embrace.


My eyes search out the future,

For the day we will finally meet.

Though storms have come and gone,

My heart has always been patiently yours,

Inseperable from the start.


This Love within our hearts,

Will guide us together.

And though I have not seen you,

My heart searches desperately for yours.


You are never far from my heart or mind

And you are my constant star.

Leading me home 

And keeping me pure.

As I try my best 

In this pursuit of that which is secure.


My Love for you remains unchanged.


And in my Love I am never the same...

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