Sunlit Rotor Blades

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Thoughts of home.

Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



Sunlit Rotor Blades


Another day breaks and sunlight brightens up the horizon,

I open my eyes and hope to sleep.

For in my Dreams, I get a glimpse of you,

If only a reflection, a shadow of your Truth.


The sun slowly ascends the mountain sides,

Slowly my fists clench in my attempt to forget the pain,

As the blood pumps and flows through my veins,

Reminding me, waking me from deaths slumber.


Wind and sand blows through my hair,

Heat pours onto my face as the sun slowly rises.

A bloody picture and letter in either hand,

My soul longs for the touch of your skin,

To hold your hand in my own.


The sound of rotor blades draws near,

Pulling my thoughts away from you.

Constantly I think of you.

Wondering, yet Hoping that I will make it back to you soon.

Still I long, I long for you,

My words are faint, yet they are clear;

I Love you, I Love you more my dear.


Will you wait for me?

I am coming home and I believe I will come home to you.

Though a few thousand miles apart, I still believe,

I still believe in you.

My prayers I whisper, for soon I will hold you in my arms.


The sound of rotor blades,

Echoes in through the dusty haze of mid day.

Sunlight beats upon my colourless face,

Around me my brothers anxiously wait.

But I do not care,

For I know that I am coming home to you,


To once more, lie beside you...

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