The Weight

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We don't own stuff. It ends up owning us.

Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



He had wanted all of it. All the gizmos and gadgets and toys, the big flat screen tv and the amazing sounding stereo and the comfortable chair and couch and huge bed and all the other things into his life.


He had to protect it all with electronic cameras and security locks on his doors and he was always fearful when he went away for the day that someone would come along and break into his place and steal all of his hard earn pretties.


Just like his car. He had spent a lot of money on his car, including the stereo and the security alarm on it as well and was always fearful that someone would bump into him in a parking lot somewhere and give his new toy a ding and that would cost him money or that birds might come along and do what birds do to cars and he would have to have it washed right away.


Oh yes, he loved his possession. He loved all of it and he had spend a lot of money on all of it. A lot of money. In some cases he had to save up weeks and months for the more expensive items.


And of course if and when he would move he would have to pack it all up very carefully and tote it to the next place.


One day he had a revelation though. And that was this. He had called these things his possessions. But the thought hit him that he was the possession. He belong to his stuff. Not the other way around. He had to guard his stuff and protect his stuff and tote it all around and was fearful of it being stolen or like with his car that someone might ding it. Yeah, it owned him in the end. All of it.


Isn't it ironic that we have to guard our stuff and protect it and tote it all around with us like some heavy chains that bring us down. We think about it (our new toys and gadgets and cars) when we are at work and worry that others will break in and steal it all.


In the end all of our possessions become what they really are.


They are The Weight.

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