Cheap Sunglasses

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Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



I'm a fan of cheap sunglasses

once I bought a good pair for well over $100
because I was going to Hawaii
for a wedding and thought I was doing it right

I had the silk shirts and the off-white
loose knit linen panama pants with the drawstring
I'm sure I had thin fancy socks as well
because I still have my Florshiems
a black pair
and a burgundy pair

yes, I upgraded to the red convertible Mustang
as soon as the airplane landed too

I was
a total Hoale
no excuse whatsoever

the masks I've worn
while living and
have been many
and I've had to learn a lot

that was nearly
twenty years ago
it's been mostly work boots
and some Birkenstocks since

the bus collects things on it's journeys
that people either leave or forget
it seems like sunglasses
most of all
and I am not the least bit
too proud
to wear a ladies pair
if they work and feel good while driving
so I've been doing pretty well on those lost and founds
and haven't felt like a sunglass asshole
for quite some time

the thing is
after a while
your kids do get to an age
where sometimes
you have to play the game a little though
and I'd been taking some shit
for wearing broken or scratched
or off-brand-knock-offs for a few years
so I went and ordered the real deal

name brand blu-blockers
"as seen on tv"
and my grandfathers face
when he was still on the jobsites
in the 1980s

it's April 18th
and it's snowing so hard
you can't see the next ridgetop

this weather has tested everything
for too long this year
folks are getting squirrelly

I want to go camping so bad
I've parked the old girl in my driveway
and have been staying in it since last Friday

I hadn't planned on it
but now it's damn near out of spite
it'll be 60 degrees
in three days
and I'm staying in it now till its green out

the next full moon
falls on my birthday
I'll be 47
and finally in possession
of some serious eyewear

I'm going to get old
my way

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