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I had a dream that repeated almost every night. Changing every time Untill...

Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018





I can’t help but remember, the dream that once terrorized me so. Nowfloats in my mind. Like a memory that should mean nothing, but sets my whole life. That’s what this was like. I can’t forget it, even though I know it’s not real. I’m still cautious about how that dream would go. Repeating that terrifying thought over and over. Here we go.

Every time it would start out with me “waking up” in my bed. I would think I had really woke up. When I felt awakened enough to get out of bed I would walk through my door to see a big harry figure slouched down in a small room across the hall. It would make a horrifying sound that would make my bones wanna cut their way out of my body. His gross long dirty hairy back was all I could see. His head looked as if it was focussed on whatever object he was holding. In some of the dreams he would stop, he would just sit there frozen, faced the other way.

His head would slowly move. He would shift his stabilized body to the left. Slowly, steadily, and creepily. As if he knew I was there the entire time. I would slowly walk back into my room thinking about him coming across the hall. Not really knowing whether he was or not. That's what I needed to know. But I would be terrified to find out. If I looked what would I see? A harry lump of pure muscle with a foul stench that would make me want to let him kill me? I'll tell you what, that was the worst choice I would ever make. It’s unfortunate that I woke up the moment I was about look.

I don't know what would happen. Some of the dreams he wouldn't even notice me across the hall from that frightening room. I would stand there thinking about what he might be. While knowing what he was, I still wanted to know. It would look like he was eating something. And as I go to leave my room to exit the house I had lived in for years, I felt like he was gonna turn around any second and launch at me with his gross breath and those sharp claws and his pure strength. Like a bear standing up to a squirrel. Yes that is really how intimidated I felt. All of a sudden he turned around and pounced on me attempting to force my body into the perfect position for him to bite. Luckily that was just a thought, that didn’t really happen in the dream. That’s just what i was thinking while I was watching him grunt and moan fiercely. It almost seemed like he was constipated in every hole on his body. I would say. “yo pork”, he would turn around and slowly walk down the hall as I went into my room to hide. Every time that happened in a dream he would not find me and walk back to the small room that he so strangely “needs to be in”. Sarcasm, but really he only leaves that room if he sees me. Anyway, like I said, he would never find me. Until…

One random time, he jumped out from under my bed when I went to hide. Like he knew where I was every time. He would build up knowledge from every other dream. Like this had been a repeating dream for him too. This time, I didn’t wake up when he attacked. It was almost like this one wasn’t a dream. His big body on top of me. I struggled to get free. His hairy arms trying to wrap me. His sharp claws like knife lightly cutting barely ripping skin. The weird part,....

I didn't feel any of it. I was so scared that the pain didn’t matter. Fighting to break free. This was not like any of the other dreams. The entire chain of dreams was like the five nights at freddy’s series. You just barely might make it out. Until once you get stuffed into a freddy suit. That’s just like what he seemed to be trying to do to me. trying to shove my head into his mouth. But…

As I was about to break free he pushed me back down and tackled a weird white object with no facial features. I ran and dove under my bed.

I never had the dream again. Was it possible has he been the good character in these dreams? Did he see what I could never see? Was he misunderstood? Will I ever find out? I almost wish to have this dream again in hopes that I could get answers.


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