Sharp revenge

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Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



The buzzer of the door sounded on the speaker on Ricardo's desk, he looked up from the nine millimeter automatic pistol he had been polishing. The high definition cameras showed a crystal clear three hundred and sixty degree angle of the shop floor; in this business it was essential to have top notch security. He watched the well dressed man with the neatly trimmed beard approach the bullet proof glass that went from the counter top, up to the ceiling. Apart from the cashmere over coat and the obviously expensive fedora hat, it was the man's demeanour that marked him as different from Ricardo's usual customers.

 The man looked neither desperate nor shifty; both of these traits were to be found in abundance in the clientele that normally came through the door. Ricardo had grown up in this business and when his old man passed on he had inherited the pawn shop, in the forty odd years he had worked at the pawn shop he had never seen a customer like this. For some unknown reason the man that stood at the counter made him feel slightly ill at ease.

 Ricardo paused with his finger over the intercom button; he was fighting the urge to announce over the intercom that the shop was closed for business. Maybe the late hours he kept and the cocaine habit had begun to make him a bit paranoid, but he really wanted this man to leave his shop. This was totally out of character for him, Ricardo never turned down the chance to make a buck.

 He had absolutely no qualms about buying anything whether it was stolen goods or firearms that had been used in a killing, but something in his head made him very wary of this man. Ricardo had a soul as black as the hobs of hell and was adapt at dishing out violence, so why now did this unassuming looking man have such an effect on him. He watched his new customer as he stood nonchalantly leaning on the oak counter top, when he looked up at the camera Ricardo gasped. It was if the man was looking directly into his head, when the man smiled a cold shiver ran down Ricardo's back.

Enough you foolish man he scolded himself, go and make some money. Ricardo had to almost force himself from the back office down the short hallway to the counter. The well dressed man turned to face him as soon as he entered the doorway; it was as if he had sensed his approach. Ricardo did his best to put on his usual salesman smile but the best he could manage was a nervous grin, if the customer noticed his unease he gave no hint of it. A pregnant pause followed as Ricardo attempted to gather his thoughts; he could feel the sweat soaking through his colorful shirt.

What the fuck was wrong with him, he felt as if the very air around him was being sucked away, before he even got a chance to say anything the stranger spoke. “I wish to sell an antique weapon, would you be interested? The man's accent was strange but gave no hint of its origin; Ricardo cleared his throat in order to buy time.

The man reached beneath his coat and produced a cylindrical item wrapped in dark red velvet. He slid the package through the space above the counter top, Ricardo reached for it, and the trembling of his hands was obvious. His curiosity now began to over ride all other emotions, he quickly unwrapped the package keeping a cautious eye on the man before him. For the first time in his adult life Ricardo could not hide his enthusiasm, he gasped when he saw the magnificent weapon before him.

 The Katana was like nothing he had ever held before. He was speechless and his eyes darted between the sword and the stranger. This had to be some kind of a trick, Ricardo knew enough about such items to know it would be considered priceless in Japan. He also knew most of these hand built weapons were items of cultural significance and illegal to sell. He had to have it and yet he knew that it was unlikely he could afford it, the stranger was now watching him intently.

Ricardo was now caught between a rock and a hard place, the little voice in his head told him to have no dealings with this man. Yet the greed in him did not want to pass up the chance to own such a weapon. Why was this man affecting him so? “Legend has it that this sword has magical properties, they say it senses its owner’s enemies and will kill even when it is not in his hand". The man’s softly spoken words had a strange quality to them and for a moment Ricardo wondered if he was mocking him.

 Still this would be a great selling point; collectors loved a story to go with their possessions. Ricardo was suddenly in business mode; his conniving mind went into overdrive. He had now made up his mind he was having this sword and he would get it at the best possible price. In the end he agreed on twelve thousand a steal really, but he still begrudged giving that kind of money away.

Later in his office he could not get that stranger's face out of his mind, something about the man was familiar and this made him nervous. The following morning after a fitful sleep, he arrived early to the office. He had strange dreams and the stranger featured heavily in them, Ricardo kept a secret file in his safe. It concerned certain special transactions as he liked to call them; these were deals where he made sure it was a win, win situation for him.

 He searched carefully through the file, each print out had a still photograph attached, taken from the security cameras. When he found it he felt a mixture of emotions, relief in the fact he now understood why the man seemed familiar. But also a feeling of apprehension, the photo showed what could easily have been a younger version of the man. A man now deceased as a direct result of Ricardo's actions; he had made a purchase from this man and later called on some of his acquaintances and ordered them to steal back his money.

 He was not to know that the robbery would end up in the man's untimely demise. Still that had been a number of years ago and the case file was now gathering dust in the unsolved section of the city police force, well at least he now knew that he had nothing to worry about. It was just another one of these uncanny coincidental things; he really would have to cut back on the nose candy it was making him jumpy.

The over head lights glinted from the polished steel of the handmade blade, Ricardo hefted the Katana in his hand. He could almost feel the supernatural power surge through the weapon; he had never in his life possessed a weapon quite like this one. Ricardo could actually believe this sword had magical properties; he just might keep this magnificent blade for himself. He lightly touched the razor sharp edge with his thumb and marveled at the thin line of blood that appeared on his skin.

 Ricardo was just reaching for the hand carved wooden scabbard that lay at his feet when the buzzer sounded. The camera showed a clear image of the strange man standing once again at the counter, for some reason he could not say, this enraged Ricardo. This sword now belonged to him and the man would never take it back from him. He leapt up in a wild temper; the scabbard became entangled in his feet. It took Ricardo some time to realize he had fallen on the blade; it was so sharp it had cut his torso open without him feeling it.

The blood was now pooling around him on the cold linoleum covered floor. He could feel his strength ebbing from him. His last thought was how did the strange man get into his office, he tried desperately to cling on to the weapon but his grip was weak. The strange little man calmly wiped the blood from the blade, and returned the sword to its scabbard. His parting remark echoed in the growing darkness of Ricardo's mind, “The blade was never mine to sell, it belonged to my son. The one that died because of your greed". For a brief moment it suddenly all made sense to Ricardo, but then the complete darkness beckoned him.

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