Little Jill Stood Still

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Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018





Every morning little Jill would open her screen door just enough to see her neighbor, little Bill, and to see what he was doing.  I think she liked him. And I think he liked her.

She had noticed that over the last week that he would go outside and hold his arm straight out and his index finger too. He would just stand there sometimes for minutes without moving. And she would peek out of her door for minutes just watching him and wondering what he was doing. Little Bill stood still.

But today she saw why. Before long, she saw a peacock land on his index finger. That was the most fun thing she had ever seen. It looked like little Bill was talking to the Peacock and the Peacock was talking to him. She giggled as she stood in the doorway.

But soon she saw a Dragonfly land on the Peacock’s head. She giggled some more at the sight.

It looked like fun. So she decided to try it too. She was already dressed for the day because she and little Bill would sometimes play all day long.

So she stepped out of her door and held out her arm and index finger straight out in front of her like little Bill was doing. Little Jill stood still.

Little Bill saw her and smiled a big smile at her. And she smiled a big smile back to little Bill.

And soon a Butterfly landed on her nose and little Jill still stood very still. “Buzz, buzz” the Butterfly said. “Buzz, buzz” little Jill said back to the Butterfly.. Talking with a Butterfly is very easy and very fun little Jill thought.

So they talked and told each other secrets and what they liked to do for fun. Little Jill told the Butterfly she liked to play with little Bill. The Butterfly looked over at little Bill with the Peacock on his finger and the Dragonfly on top of the Peacock’s head. Then he told little Jill that the Peacock and Dragonfly were his friends.

Soon the Butterfly, while still setting on her nose,  said to little Jill,, “Hold both hands straight out in front of you and spread your fingers very wide”.

So little Jill did as the Butterfly asked and held her arms straight out in front of her and opened her fingers wide. Little Jill wondered what this was all about.

The Butterfly whistled, like calling a friend, and soon ten butterflies were circling around her head, like a halo.

The Butterfly on her nose flew off and landed in her hair.

And then all ten butterflies landed on her finger tips. They were ready for something to happen.

The butterfly in her hair ordered to the other ten “Let’s fly.”

Little Bill and the Peacock and the Dragonfly, setting on the Peacock’s head, were all watching what was going on. The Peacock and the Dragonfly’s  names were Colors and Colors.

And the Butterflies gently lifted little Jill up by her hands and flew her over to little Bill’s porch.

The funny thing about Butterflies is that they hum songs while flying. And they all hummed the same song so it sounded like a choir. They soon changed the song to a choo choo train sound as they flew little Jill over to little Bills porch. She laughed all the way over to little Bill’s porch.

Little Jill looked at little Bill and said “Buzz, buzz.” Little Bill looked at little Jill and said “Buzz , buzz.”

Then little Jill and little Bill and the Peacock and the Dragonfly and all the Butterflies began laughing and giggling.

It was going to be a fun day.

It was a wonderful sight to see them all together on little Bill’s porch.

Soon The Butterflies started doing a flying Butterfly dance over their heads. They would fly in circles and could do butterfly figure eights. Funniest thing was when they would fly right in front of little Jill and little Bill, they would try to sound like jet airplanes flying by.

This made little Jill and little Bill laugh out loud.

And the butterflies could change wing colors while flying. They could all change at once or individually. It was beautiful to watch. They could even change one wing one color and the other wing to another color.

There were pink and white, blue and gold, green and yellow and all different colors of butterflies dancing in the air all around little Jill and little Bill..

But butterflies like to play and sort of show off, so the butterfly on little Jill’s head said “Stack ‘em”.

And the ten butterflies that carried little Jill over to little Bill, soon landed on the back of the butterfly on little Jill’s head. They landed one on top of the other.

Then the bottom butterfly, on little Jill’s head, started flying around with the other ten butterflies on his back.

After a while, when he was tired, he said “Next” and he flew to the top of the stack and the bottom butterfly started flying. He was a stunt butterfly and flew upsides down and sideways. This continued until all the butterflies had a turn flying and doing their tricks.

Little Jill and little Bill just watched at all of this with excitement in their eyes.

So they all played together all day long.

But as dusk came on and it started to get dark, the butterflies said “We have to get home and go to bed early.”

So as they were flying home, their wings began to glow like a lightening bug at night. They were flashing on and off the color their wings were.

It was a beautiful day for little Jill and little Bill, and all of them could hardly wait until tomorrow.


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