The Hunted Chronicles

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Ballad of Jackie Blue

Book / Fantasy

Dako and Charlotte are friends from The Hunter's Academy. Three years ago they each went off to different schools after choosing a specialization. Dako chose the path of the Paladin and Charlotte chose the path of the Cleric. While Dako spent the majority of his Paladin classes in Texas, Charlotte spent most of her time in Rome studying in the Vatican. Both of these talented exorcists have a bond that will pull them through anything. They really put it to the test as their first assignment pushes them in ways they never expected. Will the two of them overcome or shatter under the pressure?

Mortal Odyssey

Book / Fantasy

Chaos, Carnage, Catastrophe, and Blood. Oh, so much blood. His last memories, a fog in his head, build a fire in his heart. Fueling his journey to find out the truth. What happened to him and why? In a land torn asunder by a relentless assault of demonic hordes, one man hopes to find out.

A Cosmic Recollection

Book / Fantasy

Axeon is a newly created God sent to Earth to find his own way. It doesn't take long for this new God to gain some friends and even some followers as he tries his best to build his own faith and learn about humanity. His adventure truly begins when he witness' something truly sinister and feels that he must protect not only himself, but those that believe in him as well.