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Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



What is love? Some people say it’s an over used word. But with you it means everything in the world. It’s almost unexplainable but I’m going to do my best to explain my love for you: the three words I love you are each said carefully: “I” meaning me, “I” meaning just myself, “I” meaning my whole being, my heart, my soul, and my inner  core that burns with fire every time I look at you or even hear your name. It’s not just a spark or a flame. It’s a blazing inferno, a devouring element. One that makes my whole body heat up with excitement and joy within seconds! 

Now this word “love” is hard to explain. Because when you mean it it’s not over used or bland in a sense with no meaning whatsoever. This word “love” is the definition of desire and longing to hold someone in your arms for the rest of eternity. “Love” means going out of your way for someone who means the world to you and doing what you can to make them happy and satisfied. “Love” is giving that special person in your life the time of day when no one else will. “Love” is the uncontrolled beating of someone’s heart to where your cardiac muscles won’t be able to take much more but you can’t control it because of how much you adore this special person in your life! “Love” is when the tears of joy run down your face as he gets down on his knee and asks the 4 most important words any women dreams of hearing in there lifetime “will you marry me?” 

The word “you” probably has to be the most important one of all. “You” consists of one person as well. “You” means you and only you no one else. That one beautiful individual... the one living soul who shares there aura with you. The one you want for the rest of your life. The one whom you are so devoted to a 6 hour shift at work almost leaves you crying in bed because of how much you miss them. But when they get home all you want to do is hug and caress them. Just to feel the softness if there skin and smell the inside of there neck and let the tears roll down your cheeks onto their shoulders. 

That is what love is and Now You know how much you mean to me.

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