dog heart

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Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



dog heart

I wish we never met

sometimes all I can think about is you

if you called I'd probably answer

even though you destroyed my insides just feel right

I can't explain it

maybe it's the many years we shared

the holidays and the dogs

the fights where we'd lose our voices

the time you walked home from that park in Torrance

on further inspection you might be a saint

you stuck around for as long as you could

some nights I wonder who I was…

the weight of it all crushed me I think

when I was younger my dad used to do drugs and beat me up

I confused abuse with love

though, that's no excuse

always knew right from wrong

something didn't click

like a disconnect inside my head

I miss your laugh and smile

the smell of your skin

and the way it felt holding your body next to mine

my heart wants you too much sometimes

reality crashes like waves

drags me down and washes you away

dog hearts will meet again

not sure how and I'm not sure when

in the middle of the darkness

a light points West

what should I do when your thoughts bleed through?

when I hear your voice inside an empty room

leaving my heart dislodged and bruised

we saw Apocalypto up North

I remember that I felt alive

busted car up and down the 5

death cab for cutie, hours at a time

woke up and wrote this in bed

obsidian eyes next to me

¿but do our hearts coo?

who will I search for in the nothingness of death?

me, you, the nothing and the moon...


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